Why have I started writing this?

new-beginningsSimply because I wanted to share the answers that I finally found (thanks to the knowledge and discoveries of the scientist, theoretical physicist – NV) to my abnormal, unusual questions I have been asking myself since my childhood. I realized that for many people it could be not only interesting but also informative. Everyone could find something that could explain to him what he wanted to know, but could not find the information he needed. I write for everybody and about everything. It will start from the issues of the Universe (what are the Sun, Planets, Black holes, how it is constructed, etc) to the social processes (why people are different, what and why do we feel, etc). My purpose in writing this blog is not just to talk about something, but also to explain why the thing is as it is and not otherwise. I hope you will be as interested to know the answers, as I was to find them. I can name my blog a kind of Encyclopedia from A to Z, which can be used to understand the complex processes occurring in nature and society written in simple language.

My Encyclopedia is a kind of organism, wherein each post connected with others. Just like in the human body the heart cannot live apart from the stomach. Why read this blog? I want my readers to understand that everything is connected in nature: one thing does not happen without another one. The understanding of the laws of nature can bring people to a new level. Technology helps in many ways, but it is always limited in its possibilities. Only a man himself, his mind can go much further and develop to unprecedented heights. By understanding, for example, the cause of natural disasters, a man can prevent them. And I wish that we all walked together along the path of learning and creation, when the understanding of the true laws of nature allows us to grow and move forward on the evolutionary ladder without ruining our surrounding.

My Encyclopedia will be especially interesting to the parents who want to answer to their children’s endless questions “WHY”.


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