Fleur-de-Lys: the lost symbol of the Merovingians

franksTo begin with, it is a wrong understanding of the symbol. It was not a lily, when the Meravingly (Merovingi) brought it to Frankia (France) to the land of Franks (that simply meant free).

It was the Meravingly who brought the symbol of a three-leafed plant to the then Europe. Long-long time ago the three-leafed plant was a battle symbol of the Slavs-Aryans. It was a grass which miraculously helped in the battle. It gave unbelievable strength to the warriors, healed their wounds and facilitated their departure to another life. This wonderful grass grew far away to the north. Only the Volkhvs (in Russian – Волхвы, people who could influence and use the flows of the Primary Matters) could pick it. It was always given to the warriors who went to defend their Motherland. When a warrior went to a battle, he pronounced the usual incantation: “For Honour! For Conscience! For Faith!” accompanying it with a motion. He touched his left and right shoulder and at last the middle of his forehead with two fingers. This is what this three-leafed plant meant in reality and this was the initial meaning of the symbol which the Meravingly brought. Well, after the Meravingly dynasty was exterminated, new kings appropriated it, just as everything else, declaring it to be a symbol of the royal house of France. And the ritual “was adopted” (stolen) by the Catholic Church which added to it a fourth, lower part the Devil’s part. This is an example of how “history” distorts what actually happened.

It will be interesting for those who is learning Russian language. The Meravingly Меравингли actually is Me-Ra-V-Ingly Мы-Ра-В-Инглии = мы – Ра, несущие Свет в родной Первозданной Инглии (We-Ra-in-Inglia; we are Ra [Ra means the Sun, sunlight = Seven Primary Matters], bearing Light in the native Primordial Inglia).


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