Misunderstood 7 colors of a rainbow

raduga_foto_05Why do we see a rainbow on a rainy day when the Sun comes out from behind the clouds? Why we see exactly 7 colors and not 5, 8, 10, etc? In this post I’m going to try to answer these, at first sight, difficult questions.

To begin with, I would like to draw attention to the fact that 7 is not some symbolic or magic number. Why 7? Because in our Universe there are 7 Matters. We can also name them the Primary Matters because everything what we can and cannot see in our life is made by them (stones, animals, plants, water, air, terra, ect). Our entire Universe is made by these 7 Matters (Stars, Suns, Planets, Asteroids, ect). Normally the human eye cannot see them. How come? Because our eyes (and other senses) can detect only essential information that is necessary for our normal existence and operation. Nevertheless, there are a small number of people who can see and use these Primary Matters (e.g. telekinesis), because they are more advanced than others.

When I explain the existence of these Matters, I often use a simple example: we don’t see electromagnetic waves but we use them very often (WiFi, mobile communication, radio, ect). We cannot see the waves themselves, but we can see and hear the result of their existence. These waves could never be transmitted if there were not the Primary Matters. Where there is life (and it is everywhere) there are always the Primary Matters that permeate the animate and inanimate nature.

The Primary Matters have different qualities and structures. In everyday life, the human eye can only perceive all 7 Matters as one light – white sunlight. By passing sunlight through a prism, for example, you can see how it splits the light beam into different colors : red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. But why do we see a rainbow if there is no prism? The fact that the water droplets, in this case, perform the function of the prism, that is why we can see the rainbow. The same can be seen on a sunny day near waterfalls. But at the same time sunlight is just a portion of these Primary Matters given off by our Star – the Sun. Seeing the rainbow is the only way when the human eye perceives the difference of the Primary Matters as a variety of colors.

So we understood that the number 7 is not symbolic but normal, natural for our Universe. In other Universes there are more or less Matters and it also has an influence on our Universe. I’ll write about this in one of my next posts. It is interesting to know that it is because of the Primary Matters, which one of them dominates, it has an effect on many processes in nature (winter, summer, spring, autumn), and in society (negative mood, excitement, fear, thoughtful, sublime feelings, etc).

The existence of the Primary Matters is fundamental knowledge that can explain natural phenomena such as:

Colours_of_the_rainbow_by_almudena_stock– The nature of human disease (Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s)
– Why do humans have hair? Why do men go bald?
– The problem of infertility
– What actually is a sign of the zodiac?
– Why there are people with phenomenal abilities?
– What is memory?
– Why do we need food?
– Why does the wind blow?  What are the aurora borealis and lightning?
– Why does it rain?
– Why there are floods, storms, tornadoes, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions?
– What really happens when we sleep?

These and many other questions I will try to answer in my “Encyclopedia from A to Z”.


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