Why there are Stars, Suns and Black holes?

Black HoleIn this post I will try to explain why Stars, the Sun and Black holes exist and how they are created. There is nothing magical or complicated. It is a simple and beautiful natural law.

What is the Universe in general? At first sight, this question may seem very extensive and complex. But it is simple enough to understand when you know about the Primary Matters. You can read my previous post “Misunderstood 7 colors of a rainbow” to know more about them.

3D Universe Model

3D model of the Universe

Our Universe is not the only Universe in the Big Space. There are a huge number of them. They all consist of different number of the Primary Matters. Our Universe has 7 Matters. Under normal circumstances, these 7 Matters do not mix with each other and they have almost no influence on each other, because each of them has its quality and structure. But the space where all these Primary Matters flow (our Universe itself) is not uniform. What does it mean? You can imagine a seabed with its ridges and valleys. Similarly all Universes (not only ours) look like: somewhere there are “hills”, somewhere – “fosses”. However, usually a human cannot see or feel them. But for these Primary Matters it is a very important factor.

3 Universes

Universes 8 (top) , 7 (middle), 6 (bottom)

Let’s imagine cubes. We can make different pictures by using a different number of the same size cubes. Similarly, the Big Space forms different Universes from the same type of Primary Matters. These Universes live in one system, like a layer cake, where each layer (Universe) is qualitatively different. Each adjacent layer of the cake has 1 more or 1 less cube inside. All these layers are in constant motion and they interact with each other. Bulges and sags of our Universe interact with bulges and sags of other Universes (the closest to us). The Universe which has +1 Primary Matter (8 colors) is above our Universe. And the Universe which has -1 Primary Matter (6 colors) is under our Universe.


Liberated Matter in the contact area

In a contact area (channel) where there is a bulge in our Universe and a sag in another one with 8 Primary Matters – in our Universe a Star is born. How come? 8 Primary Matters flow through the channel into our Universe. 8 Matters decompose to synthesize 7 Primary Matters. The liberated eighth Matter (that our Universe does not have) begins to accumulate in that area. At the same time, in the Universe that gives its Primary Matters a Black hole is created. We receive the Matters through Stars and lose them through Black holes. So, in our Universe Black holes are Stars in another one with 6 Primary Matters.

L7andL6 Black Holes

Black hole in our Universe

A Matter always flows from high to low parameter: from 8 to 7, from 7 to 6. Just like water in a fountain flows down from one level to another.This natural law applies to all living things: from highest to lowest for balance. Everything in nature tends toward equilibrium. So, receiving the Primary Matters and giving them to another Universe it is a natural life in the Big Space (the law of indestructibility of matter).


Birth of a Sun – Supernova Explosion

What happens with the liberated Matter? It accumulates over time and becomes sufficiently large. In the beginning, a Star is large enough, it can be even bigger than a Solar System, e.g. Blue Giant but, at the same time, it is light weight. Due to some reactions taking place inside a Star, it gains weight and, as a result, it becomes denser and smaller. It increases the channel by pulling it down, causing a large outflow of the Primary Matters from the Universe 8 and an imbalance between the size of a Star and the flow of the Matters. A Star cannot pass such a flow and, because of this, there comes a critical moment when a thermonuclear reaction occurs – a Supernova Explosion. Thus, how a Sun is born. Of course, this process takes billions of years before a Star becomes a Sun. In the wake of an explosion, the channel is shrinking to the size of a Star – a Sun. After that, a Star passes as much Primary Matters as it can until the end of its life. It is exactly because of this explosion, a Sun forms planets around itself. A new life begins at this point.


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