The Merovingians: the dynasty of the north Ruses

the-last-king-of-the-Meravingly Did Frankish kings and Ruses have anything in common? The word “Franks” simply means free. And the Merovingi (Merovingians) were north Ruses who came to teach free Franks the art of war (because in the then Europe there were constantly internecine wars), the ruling of the country, politics and science, just as they came to other countries, being born for teaching and the good of other people.

Their correct name was Meravingly. But later this word (as well as a lot of others) was simplified and it began to sound like “Merovingi”. In new history it says that the name of the Merovingi had originated from the name of the king of the Franks, Merovech. Although the name of the dynasty had nothing to do with King Merovech, who actually was the thirteenth Merovingian king. We understand that it would be more logical to call the dynasty by the name of the first king. Another legend says about a “sea monster” which allegedly produced the dynasty of the Merovingi – this name, naturally, has nothing to do with it. Apparently the aim of the knowing-the-truth persons was that people would not know the real meaning of the NAME of the ruling dynasty of the Franks and its connection with Ruses. Therefore the dynasty was renamed and converted into “weak, unlucky and pitiful” kings.


One of the last Meravingly

Who really was the Meravingly? They were a bright, clever and gifted dynasty of the north Ruses who voluntarily left their great motherland and mixed their blood with the higher European dynasties of that time in order to produce a new mighty Dynasty of magicians and warriors who would be able to govern countries and people, which then inhabited a semicivilized Europe, wisely. They were wonderful magicians and warriors. They could heal suffering and teach the deserving. They had the Vedic Worldview like all Ruses. They could influence and use the flows of the Primary Matters. That is why they were called the magicians.

All Meravingly wore very long hair which they agreed never to cut under any circumstances, because they got the Life Force (the Primary Matters) via it. Unfortunately, the knowing-the-truth persons also knew about that. Therefore the forced “haircut” of the last Merovingian royal family became the most terrible punishment. It happened after the treachery of the Jewish royal treasurer – the Pippinids, also called majordomo, who, using lies, cunningly set brother against brother and son against father in this family, and then easily played on human pride and honour. This was the first time a former stronghold was shaken in the royal family of the Meravingly and the firm faith in the unity of the Kin showed the first deep crack. The many centuries war of the Meravingly with the opposing Kin began to come to a sad end. The last real king of this wonderful dynasty Dagobert II was treacherously killed, just like many before. A hired assassin killed him at the hunt in 679 AD with a poisoned spear in the back.

This was how the most gifted European dynasty, which brought light and power to the unenlightened European people ended, more precisely, was exterminated. The European countries arisen under the authority of the new dynasty, broke away from the Vedic Empire created by Ruses. After gaining power and influence in Europe the knowing-the-truth persons started the active phase of the war against the former mother country – the Slavonic-Aryan Empire, brother began to kill brother.

What does the NAME “Meravingly” mean? Me-Ra-V-Ingly in Russian means We-Ra-in-Inglia. We are Ra (Ra means the Sun, sunlight – the Primary Matters), bearing Light in the native Primordial Inglia. Мы-Ра-В-Инглии мы – Ра, несущие Свет в родной Первозданной Инглии.


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